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INEH Membership

Members in Devon

Membership of the INEH is open to all those who are studying Energy Healing. Student membership is available to those who have completed
Part 1 of the course, and full membership is available upon satisfactory completion of the total course.

  • Cost of membership is currently £35 per year.
  • This includes public liability insurance whilst practising Energy Healing and subscription to the network Journal.
  • Full members are entitled to attend the annual national conference.
  • All members are entitled to attend other INEH (UK) gatherings at a reduced rate.
  • There is also a membership category for friends of the Network and for those who live overseas.
  • Application and renewal forms attached as well as a form for paying by bankers or standing order.

The work of the INEH is co-ordinated by a committee who work together and meet several times a year. At present, the committee consists of Helen Frankland (chairwoman), Ian Yearwood (membership secretary), Dinah Lawson (treasurer),Rosemary Tolley (secretary) and Jacqui Melbourn, Barbara Broome, Sheila Robey

If any full members of the INEH feel that they would like to offer to serve on the committee, they will be very welcome.

Our Membership Secretary is Ian Yearwood please contact him for further information.

INEH Committee

Membership Document Downloads

Renewal letter 2019

Application/Renewal for UK Membership for 2019

Application/Renewal for non-UK Membership for 2019

Bankers order agreement (for Standing Order)