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INEH Journal

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We have been publishing a journal twice a year since 1985. The editor is Helen Frankland.

  • Editorial
  • From Law 9 and rule 6 of Esoteric Healing from Djawl Khul
  • Unconditional: A Meeting with a Remarkable Women by Maddy Harland
  • The Vagus Nerve & Emotional Engagement by Joanna Leggard'
  • The Vagus Nerve & Its Role in Manifesting Love by Claudia Rose
  • The Etheric Body by Ian Yearwood
  • Healing of a Depleted Base Centre & Overactive Solar Plexus by Emmanuelle Dal Pra
  • Supporting the immune System in Times of Change by Dinah Lawson
  • Landscape Healing in Japan by Marion Leigh
  • Earth Alchemy by Glennie Kindred
  • News
  • Dates
  • Book Review
  • About our Contributors
  • INEH Meditations
  • Contact List