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Healing Available

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We have a small network of trained healing practitioners in various parts of England and Scotland (but mainly in the South of England). Each has completed the Energy Healing course. See the practitioner list for details.

Feedback from recipients includes:

“I felt a remarkable sense of peace and had more energy in the days that followed my healing session.”

“The healing session was very interesting and although I didn’t feel anything during it, the pain in my neck and back eased almost immediately and continued to improve after further healing treatments.”

“I was amazed that the practitioner was able to tell so much about my state of health simply by sensing my energy field without touching me. She was really kind and helpful and the healing work has helped my recurrent chest infections – I feel fit and well and am really very grateful.”

Healing Drop In

The Hayloft, Emsworth in Hampshire. Every Tuesday afternoon, 2 - 3.30pm. (CLOSED AUGUST) For more information, contact Sheila Robey

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