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Hampshire Neurological Alliance


The local voice for people with neurological conditions

Telephone: 01794 519495
Town: Hampshire

District: All Hampshire

What We Do:

Our mission is to obtain the best possible care and support for all of the people of Hampshire and Isle of Wight affected by a neurological condition and their carers.

Our aims and objectives

  • Interface with and communicate our needs to the acute and primary care and unitary authority trusts and to GP medical centres in Hampshire.

  • Interface with and communicate our needs to the children and adult services departments of Hampshire County Council.

  • Interface with and inform elected representatives in Hampshire – Members of Parliament and local Authority Councillors - about our mission and agenda.

  • Communicate with and inform more widely with the people of Hampshire through publicity in the media and via our web site.

  • Seek sponsorship and funding to support our mission and objectives.